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Alcohol & Drug Foundation

Alcohol & Drug Foundation

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ADFQ is a Non- Government Organisation (NGO) dedicated to psychological and educational services that contribute to the lessening of problems for people in life, and where appropriate, with a particular emphasis on problems of addiction.

Our extensive experience and expertise means we have the ability to develop and conduct dedicated programs for, and behalf of, a variety of stakeholders including state government departments, large and small organisational clients.

Our experience and approach will ensure your problems and programs are handled:

* professionally
* confidentially
* efficiently and
* effectively

through a network of offices and specialists dedicated to the identification and management of all presenting problems.

All programs are coordinated and conducted by specialists, and are designed to meet the stringent requirements of Australian Standards 9001.

If you're seeking assistance with a personal problem, or are lo

+61 7 3834 0200

PO Box 332 SPRING HILL QLD Queensland 4004 Australia


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