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Australian Koala Foundation

Australian Koala Foundation

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Koalas mean so much to the world. Even the hardest human heart melts when it comes into close contact with them - especially in the wild. In conservation terms, the koala is a 'flagship' species for other lesser-known parts of the ecosystem. The koala's struggle tells us that the bush is in trouble. Koalas are disappearing before our eyes and unless something is done soon they will be gone forever. The future of the koala is in our hands.
The Australian Koala Foundation was formed in 1986 and celebrates over 20 years of operation under the direction of Chief Executive Officer Deborah Tabart. During this time, the Foundation has grown from a small group of people interested in researching koala disease, to a well-known, global organisation with a strong track record in strategic koala research, conservation and community education. The AKF is an independent, non-profit, non-government organisation which raises funds through sponsorship, tree plantings, donations and memberships.

07 3229 7233

GPO Box 2659 Brisbane Qld Queensland 4001 Australia


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