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De Quincey Co

De Quincey Co

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Australia's leading Body Weather dance-performance company is founded in a synthesis of eastern and western practice and thought. Based in the principle of dialogue and exchange, BODY WEATHER is a practice which fosters the linking of human experience across cultures. Questioning the relationship between form and sensitivity, it is a dance language which reflects the country, geography and the space in which we live. Embodying interconnectedness, a main emphasis on sculptural and site-specific works overlaps into the creation of performance environments which generate a fluid exchange with audiences and aspire to sustain a new type of cultural ecology.

The performances, education, training and research offered by De Quincey Co in both city and the outback, both nationally and internationally, promote an ethical practice and an environment of welbeing, democracy and individual as well as group responsibility.

+61 2 4340 8861

PO Box 7151 The University of Sydney, New South Wales NSW 2250 Australia


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