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Florey Neuroscience Institutes

Florey Neuroscience Institutes

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Florey Neuroscience Institutes, formed through an amalgamation of Howard Florey Institute, Brain Research Institute and National Stroke Institute in 2007, is Australia’s largest brain research institute. The Florey’s scientists are at the forefront of the neuroscience revolution that promises to improve individual and community health around the world. They are unravelling the brain’s complex puzzles in an effort to develop better treatments for the millions of people affected by brain disorders every year.

Brain disorders place a heavy economic and social burden on societies and the personal costs of these illnesses are immeasurable. In an effort to ease these burdens, the Florey’s scientists are working on :

Parkinson’s disease - Stroke - Dementia - Multiple sclerosis - Epilepsy - Huntington’s disease - Motor neuron disease - Addiction - Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury

As our population ages the impact of brain disorders will increase, but our researchers can foresee a day when the social and economic burden of brain disorders will be dramatically reduced through the outcomes of today's medical research.

03 8344 1888

c/- University of Melbourne, Parkville Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia


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