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Kidsafe VIC Inc (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia)

Kidsafe VIC Inc (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia)

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KIDSAFE - The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia - is the leading charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death and injury to children.

Each year in Australia:
• About 350 children die as a result of injury
• More than 60,000 are hospitalized
• Over 5000 will require medical attention each day
• Child injury costs about $2.4 billion nationally
• Most injuries occur in the home, playground or school
• Three in four injuries are to children under 3 yrs of age.

KIDSAFE aims to reduce child injury and death by:
• Conducting awareness campaigns and education programs on child safety issues such as the prevention of injuries from motor vehicle crashes, drowning, burns and scalds, poisoning, falls and unsafe toys and nursery products
• Lobbying safety standards, regulations and legislation, such as child restraints, swimming pools, smoke alarms, hot water and nursery products
• Providing advice and quality information to parents and carers to empower them to identify, modify and remove hazards that may cause injury to their children
• Supporting health professionals and child care organisations who support families
• Conducting research to improve child injury prevention strategies.

KIDSAFE operates nationally, with independent branches in every state of Australia.

KIDSAFE relies on sponsorship, donations, fundraising and grants to continue its work in the areas of:
• Home safety
• Road and driveway safety
• Child care and school safety
• Playground safety
• Child car restraints
• Poisons prevention
• Toy and nursery products safety

03 9251 7725

Kidsafe VIC INC, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC Victoria 3125 Australia


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