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Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales

Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales

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Donate to the Nature Conservation Trust of New South Wales and help protect wildlife throughout New South Wales whose lives and habitats are threatened with eradication.

The Nature Conservation Trust is a non-profit organisation protecting the significant natural values of New South Wales by buying and on-selling spectacular private properties with conservation agreements to supportive new owners. All properties purchased by the Nature Conservation Trust are a sanctuary for a range of incredible plant and animal species.

As the population of New South Wales continues to grow and the demand for land increases, the habitats found on these properties are being destroyed. With 90% of land in New South Wales under private ownership the opportunity to save these species can be provided by you!

In total we have
• protected over 22,000 hectares of private land
• increased the survival of more than 90 threatened and endangered plant and animal species
• conserved more than 40 types of vegetation that provide a home for many beautiful animals

However to ensure we can continue to protect the stunning and unique wildlife found in New South Wales, we require your help!

Big or small, your donation will directly contribute to
• Buying and selling the spectacular properties plants and animals call home
• Protecting the wildlife

Without your help the lives of many threatened species found on private properties are quickly shortened. Your donation to the Natu

(02) 6365 7543

PO Box 883 Orange, New South Wales 2800 Australia


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