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Northcott Disability Services

Northcott Disability Services

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Northcott Disability Services was established as The NSW Society for Crippled Children in 1929 by the Rotary Club of Sydney in response to the growing number of children left with the effects of illnesses such as polio and tuberculosis.
Today, Northcott provides support and services to more than 6000 individuals and families across NSW and the ACT. Northcott provides 51 services across a broad range of disabilities including physical, intellectual, sensory, acquired and degenerative disabilities, as well as challenging behaviours. Some clients with rarer or lesser know disabilities find Northcott to be the only provider of appropriate support and services.Northcott's purpose is to build an inclusive society. This is achieved by assisting people with disabilities to develop their skills, achieve their goals - including their potential for independence - and to participate in their communities.


Po Box 4055 PARRAMATTA NSW North Parramatta, New South Wales 2124 Australia


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