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In the 21st century, protecting and caring for animals is critically important in ensuring that our society is one we can all be proud of. It is not just the day to day care of lost, injured, neglected or abandoned animals that RSPCA ACT contributes to. We also contribute to the care of people. Many of our programs aim to assist the elderly, the infirm and the most vulnerable members of our society.

Our CEO Michael Linke says "Providing care for animals and the people that love them is the most rewarding experience I have ever known."

RSPCA ACT engages extraordinary people who, every day of the year, give of themselves to this wonderful cause. RSPCA ACT is essentially community run, which means we rely on your support for the necessary funding to rescue and rehabilitate more than 8,000 animals annually.

We love what we do and we know we make a difference.

At RSPCA ACT every healthy companion animal stays with us for as long as it takes to find a home. There are no time limits and no animal is ever put to sleep because they have been with us too long or we have no space.

RSPCA ACT provides the following services:

An animal cruelty inspectorate with two full time inspectors who investigate all reports of animal cruelty in the ACT

An animal shelter that cares for 5,000 domestic animals every year

A dedicated rescue rehabilitate and release program for more than 3,500 injured or orphaned wild animals

A well equipped veterinary clinic

A public dog and puppy training school

Seven day a week retail presence, including an extensive pet supply shop

Seven day a week advisory service

24 hour a day emergency telephone support

A dedicated program of support for aged, infirm and at risk community members

As RSPCA only receives very limited funds from the government, the above services are paid for by community donations, corporate sponsorships and events.

Remember, RSPCA receives very little funding from the government, and we need your support to keep operating.


PO BOX 3082 WESTON Weston, ACT 2611 Australia


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