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SAKKS - Supporting Aussie Kids with Kabuki Syndrome Inc

SAKKS - Supporting Aussie Kids with Kabuki Syndrome Inc

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SAKKS—Supporting Aussie Kids with Kabuki
Syndrome was first established in 2004 by parents of a child with Kabuki Syndrome who were faced with the isolation that can be associated with this rare syndrome. Since its inception, SAKKS has grown into a not-for-profit incorporated organisation with representatives in every state of Australia .

SAKKS main aim is to help support those affected by KABUKI SYNDROME by offering: information, external links to genetics departments and research as well as links to medical information.

The SAKKS website has an online forum, a place for parents to make instant contact with others.

A stories page with personal stories written by parents. Photograph pages displaying many of our special members and their journey so far.

SAKKS offers support for the siblings, with a forum and stories page that is relevant to them.

SAKKS sends out regular newsletters with the current activities of SAKKS.

SAKKS offers professional membership; a forum for professionals to aide in information sharing.

SAKKS organises annual family days in each state and Nationwide Retreats bi-annually.

To contact one of our team members go to our “contact us” page at—we look forward to hearing from you.

0422 608 858

PO Box 90 - Saint Agnes All Australia 5097 Australia


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