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SIDS and Kids Victoria

SIDS and Kids Victoria

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Did You Know?
that we are much more than just SIDS.
SIDS and Kids Victoria offers services to the families of children who die suddenly and unexpectedly from 20 weeks gestation to six years of age, regardless of cause. The children may have died from SIDS, stillbirth, drowning, motor vehicle accident, fire, sudden onset illness, homicide or in some other way.
We support approximately 65,000 new babies born each year in Victoria.
We supply services to approximately 400 families each year whose child has died suddenly and unexpectedly.
We educate new parents about safe sleeping environments for babies and how to reduce the incidence of SIDS.
We support families in all regions of Victoria, with offices in the Barwon and Grampian areas.
We are the bearers of the very first Australian Signature Day, Red Nose Day.
Government funding is limited to approx 1%. SIDS and Kids is funded primarily by the community. Your support makes a big difference and for this we say Thanks

9822 9611

1227 Malvern Road, Malvern, VIC Malvern, Victoria 3144 Australia


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