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Windana -Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Windana -Drug and Alcohol Recovery

  • 5 Stars.
At Windana we envisage a society which enables individuals and families to recover from harmful alcohol and drug use and to build positive lives in mutually supportive and accepting communities.
Our services include:
-Intake and Assessment
- Counselling
- A Therapeutic Community
- Youth and Adult Withdrawal services
- Supported Accommodation
- Peer Support

We believe that change and growth are possible in all individuals as long as they so choose.

We acknowledge the diversity in the nature of individuals and the many aspects of their lives (physical, psychological, spiritual, social).

We therefore will be holistic in our attitudes, universal in our approach and provide as many facilities, options and stratagems as possible. We will ensure that not just one aspect of life or one single basis for change will dominate the whole.

We believe that growth is an ongoing learning process and that it will be sustained by providing a safe caring environment where new behaviour and ideas can be freely experienced in an open, honest interaction with the whole Windana Community.

Client Reflections
The drink the drugs the fixes the pills – they looked like the answer. When I finally put them all down, I realised how much of the problem they really were.


My life changed totally. But then really it didn't. What actually changed was my attitude. That's what made the difference – it made everything change when I started looking at things differently.


03 9529 7955

PO Box 372, St Kilda Victoria 3182 Australia


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