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World League for Protection of Animals Inc

World League for Protection of Animals Inc

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The World League for Protection of Animals (WLPA), established in 1935, is an Australian campaign and rescue organisation which fights against cruelty to animals. We promote the rights and well being of all animals, both native and non-native, though humane education, legislation and hands-on rescue work.

WLPA is the second oldest registered animal charity in Australia (est. 1935) and has led many successful campaigns for animal causes. WLPA rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and receive no government subsidies or grants. Our office is primarily staffed by volunteers.

WLPA run a 'no kill' rescue program to rescue, desex and rehome hundreds of abandoned, stray and unwanted kittens, cats and dogs each year.

WLPA also manages a Kangaroo Sanctuary in Sydney where live-in caretakers rescue orphaned kangaroo joeys who, once raised, are eventually released to freedom in safe areas of New South Wales.

WLPA also actively campaigns to:

• Stop the commercialisation of our native wildlife, with present emphasis on the Kangaroo
• Ban the use of 1080 poison
• Ban the use of the steel jaw trap in all states (successful in NSW)
• Ban recreational hunting of native and non-native animals in NSW state forests and National Parks
• Campaigning for ‘no-kill’ pounds and shelters for abandoned companion animals
• Campaigning for subsidised desexing programs for companion animals
• Campaigning against the farming of the Asiatic ‘Moon’ bears in China cruelly milke

(02) 9817 4892

PO Box 211 Gladesville Gladesville, All Australia 2111 Australia


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