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Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

We offer 30 holistic programs that protect asylum seekers from persecution and destitution, we support well-being and dignity, and we empower people to advance their own future.

Independent of Federal Government funding, the ASRC is the largest provider of aid, legal and health services to people seeking asylum in Australia. We are upheld by more than 1200 volunteers and 60 staff in assisting around 2,000 people each year.

Our vision is for all people seeking asylum have their human rights upheld and receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently. In order to achieve this, our mission is to:

  1. Protect asylum seekers from persecution and destitution
  2. Support well-being and dignity
  3. Empower people and enable self-determination
Our Vision

That all those seeking asylum in Australia have their human rights upheld and that those seeking asylum in our community receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently.


Core Principles

At the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) we:

  • Assist all asylum seekers regardless of race, religion, gender, health or sexuality: we do not means test or merit test for general access to the ASRC and we turn no asylum seeker in need away.
  • Advocate for asylum seekers without fear or favour, and works at both an individual and structural level in trying to create the most just refugee determination system possible
  • Empower asylum seekers and fosters their independence and self-determination
  • Engage, educate and work with the community as the key to creating social change
  • Work from an holistic model of practice that sees the entire person – a strength based approach that sees the potential in all our members
  • Work from a social justice model that is committed to human rights
  • Remain an independent organisation at all times and do not accept funding that will compromise our independence or the quality of our work
  • Value an organisational culture which is responsive to the needs and wants of asylum seekers and involves volunteers as the heart of our work force.


03 9326 6066

214-218 Nicholson Street 3011 Australia


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