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Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Inc.

Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Inc.

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CB is still very widely used within the community and each year volunteer monitors across Australia receive thousands of calls for help for incidents from serious motor vehicle accidents, bush and structure fires, medical emergencies, down to simple road directions and breakdowns. When fires, floods, storms or other events disrupt landline and mobile telephone services, CB radio is often the only means of communications for some communities.ACREM volunteers monitor the CB band emergency channels, relaying calls for help from the community to the required services. Members also provide safety communications and support for community events such as fun runs, triathlons, etc. Details of severe storm warnings issued by the BOM, including tsunami warnings, are also broadcast to the community via CB helping the community to be better prepared for impending events.Qualified members can also offer first aid services for events and gatherings, further enhancing the services ACREM offers the community.ACREM is currently the only CB monitoring group in Australia that operates on a National scale in more than one state, with Monitors currently active in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. With roots back to 1975 ACREM is one of the oldest CB monitoring groups in Australia and during this time members have helped to save countless lives.CB emergency monitoring groups are often overlooked when people look at supporting volunteer groups, but in reality they can be just as vital as any other emergency organisation. During storms, floods, fires or other serious events normal communications systems can fail, sometimes for long periods, and as almost every truck and numerous 4WD's and cars have CB installed these groups can offer the community an essential lifeline during these times of need as well as during normal times. Trucks and travellers often report serious car accidents, road hazards, injured animals and other incidents, and in regions where mobile telephone coverage is poor CB is often the only means of contact for those traveling through.No prior knowledge or experience with CB or radio is required to join.Remember - CB RADIO SAVES LIVES - HELP US TO HELP YOU!(ACREM is endorsed as a Public Benevolent Institution and a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. ACREM receives no financial sponsorship or funding from any government or private source)

0448 13 66 13

28 Wollombi Rd, Cessnock NSW, Victoria and Queensland wide, All Australia 2325 Australia


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