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Bionics Institute

Bionics Institute

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The Bionics Institute is an independent, not-for-profit medical research organisation specialising in the field of medical bionics. Our researchers and clinicians work on multi-disciplinary collaborative projects related to bionic hearing, bionic vision, and neurobionics. The Institute focuses on the clinical applications of its innovative technology, as well as strong commercial outcomes that benefit people from all walks of life. We are constantly seeking for new ways to improve medical bionics devices around the world, and in turn strengthen the Australian economy through innovation and training for each new generation of researchers. The Bionics Institute's three major areas of research: Bionic Hearing - research centred around the development of improved solutions for adults and children with hearing impairments, including new technologies for use in cochlear implants and hearing aids, and the development of novel drug delivery strategies to the inner ear Bionic Vision - a collaboration with our Bionic Vision Australia partners to develop retinal prostheses for patients with severe blindness Neurobionics - the development of implantable devices for the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system disorders such as treatment-resistant epilepsy, and severe movement disorders and psychiatric conditions Formerly the Bionic Ear Institute, in June 2011 we became the Bionics Institute to fully reflect the range of our medical bionics research. Your donation or bequest to Bionics Institute will help our researchers continue their exciting medical bionics research and one day make a difference to many people world-wide.  

03 9667 7500

384-388 Albert Street East Melbourne, Victoria 3002 Australia


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