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Building Better Lives®

Building Better Lives®

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Grayden is 27.

For three years he has lived in nursing homes, where the average age is 83.

Grayden was a fine tennis player, once ranked in the junior top 10, when a skateboarding accident left him clutching to life with a profound brain injury.

As he slowly recovered, his parents were told that the only option was for him to be admitted to a nursing home.

It is clearly the wrong place.

It is wrong for anybody at the beginning of their life to be surrounded, day in day out, by people at the end of theirs.

It is a sad fact that 82% of young people living in nursing homes never go out to visit their friends. Nearly half never go on trips to the shops or the movies or sports events.

Building Better Lives® is terribly important. It is about getting young people out of nursing homes and into accommodation appropriate for their age, where they can live and laugh with others.

For their sake please go to to open your eyes to different ways you can help.

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