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Queensland Conservation Council

Queensland Conservation Council

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Queensland Conservation Council is Queensland's leading voice for environmental protection. We are plugged in to what conservationists want and how government works. We are fiercely independent and with vital support from our donors we are able to focus on protecting, conserving, and sustaining the precious natural environment of Queensland. We consult with our member environmental groups. We talk to business, government and communities. We apply the latest scientific research to develop policies which we use to convince government to take action. We hold meetings and summits to bring together experts and get people talking. We monitor progress and we rate the performance of governments and their programmes. This is how national parks and world heritage sites are created and how crucial laws supporting the protection of our beautiful State come into being.  Our activities simply would not be possible without financial support from ordinary people who are passionate about preserving Queensland and want their voices to be heard.


166 Ann Street Brisbane Queensland, Queensland 4000 Australia


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