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Simply Giving - Online Toy Drives

Simply Giving - Online Toy Drives

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Simply Giving is a website that gives charitable people the ability to donate toys online with ease, convenience and in the most beneficial way for both charities & kids in need. The benefits are: Convenience for You - donate with ease, convenience and no fuss.Appropriate Toys - needy kids get the best suited toys & gifts for their situation as all products are selected & endorsed by the charity. Ensure that your charity never receives inappropriate, unsafe, second-hand, low quality products.Efficient Giving - significant cost-savings for the charity due to reduced logistics and appeal costs.Instant Recognition - download and print either a Certificate of Appreciation, Gift Card or Origami in recognition of your donation.No Waste - better for the environment.Value for Money - donate toys at discounted prices.Tax Effective - gain potential tax deductibility on your donation via a receipt of donation.

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