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Epilepsy Australia

Epilepsy Australia

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Epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder in the world today!

Epilepsy Australia is the largest consumer-led epilepsy organisation in Australia, providing support for all people affected by epilepsy and seizures nationwide. Research informs us that 10% of all Australians will have a seizure during their lifetime, and that  3 – 4% will develop epilepsy.

Epilepsy Australia actively delivers counselling, support and information to all who access our services, and is committed to raising awareness and understanding of the very real issues faced by those living with epilepsy.

The unpredictable nature of seizures can force people to stay at home, fearful of a seizure occurring in public. Would you know what to do if you saw someone having a seizure? First Aid for Epilepsy is the first step to better understanding.

A goal of Epilepsy Australia is for every Australian household to be seizure-aware; visit our website to download a Seizure First Aid Poster today or call the Epilepsy Australia National Helpline on 1300 982 853 for assistance.

1300 852 853

PO Box 1049 Baulkham Hills New South Wales 2153 Australia


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