About Remember Me Donations  Remember Me Donations streamlines the donation process to Australian charitable and non-profit organizations. It heightens the profile of charitable causes, helps donors to find and choose charities and ultimately benefits the community by increasing the simplicity and effectiveness of donation opportunities. The organization has grown from the commitment to enhancing the community based response to philanthropy in Australia . The Remember Me commitment is based on the ideals of providing people and charities with an effective way of liaising. Information about the aims and goals of charities is accessible to potential donors via web-site information and links. This increases the charities cost-effectiveness of their marketing plans and reduces administration charges. Remember Me Donations goals are:

  • to centralise information about all Australian charities, non-profit organizations and foundations on the Remember Me Donations Web Directory of Australian Charities
  • to facilitate links between potential donors and the listed charities so that donors can then contact the charities direct. Charities  process their own donations. Remember Me Donations does not accept or process any donations.
  • to enable fast-response to Australian charities at times of emergency events or disasters either locally or internationally by enabling inclusion and promotion of new charities in the web directory at any time.