Cure Cancer Australia aims to be Australia&amp#039s leading independent foundation for cancer research. We fund the critical early work of brilliant investigators searching for cures for cancers.We can be proud of the efforts and success of our Australian researchers who are right at the forefront of research leading to potential breakthroughs to solve the riddles in cancer cells. The real struggle for a researcher is getting started and it&amp#039s at this very early stage when researchers are most in need. Cure Cancer Australia targets this critical early phase. We do this because we know that the most powerful breakthroughs in important research will be at this stage. It is only a matter of time. We aim to invest the maximum amount of donations directly to cancer researchers. We are particularly interested in funding novel research and the work of young researchers. We search for projects that will lead to breakthroughs in prevention treatment or cures for any type of cancer.


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PO Box R185 Royal Exchange NSW



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